Menegoni - Green marble extraction

Green marble extraction in the Aosta Valley

The company Menegoni srl has been active in the Aosta Valley since 1934 when green marble was discovered in the region. Initially marble was extracted from quarries on lease, but as business increased and the enterprise expanded, the company gradually purchased new sites, now owning a total of 7 quarries.

Menegoni - Green marble extraction

Verde Rameggiato and Assoluto

Classic dark Verde Alpi, characterised by a greater or lesser degree of lighter green veining; it is a very refined stone that lends itself to interior applications such as floors, cladding and stairs.

Menegoni - Green marble extraction

Verde Aver

Verde Aver marble or Issorie type is the classic light, bottle colour Verde Alpi with white veining; depending on the veining it may also be called Verde Antico or Verde Damascato.

Menegoni - Green marble extraction

Verde Chiesa and Antico

Verde Chiesa: an average colour Verde Alpi marble, very regular with very little white veining.
Verde Antico: an average colour Verde Alpi marble containing characteristic dark green winding spirals inside its structure.

Verde Saint Denis

Light or dark Verde Alpi marble: a classic stone characterised by very pronounced white veining which may be narrow or wide. This marble is suitable for floors, cladding and indoor stairs.

Menegoni - Green marble extraction
Menegoni - Green marble extraction

Corbata Black

A very particular marble that is either grey or light blue, recalling Luserna stone; it can be cut using the “cross cut” method to reveal open fragments and crystals or by the “vein cut” to produce a streaming wood grain effect.

Menegoni - Green marble extraction

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Green marble is a very renown and sought-after stone both in Italy and all over the world: from Miami to New York, from Paris to London, from Moscow to Rome. Countless buildings have been fashioned from this gift of nature, extracted from quarries located in the Aosta Valley.

Menegoni - Green marble extraction

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Our experts will be glad to assist you and illustrate the features of our selection of green marbles, acquaint you with our completed projects and draw up the best customised solution for your personal venture.

Menegoni - Green marble extraction