Menegoni srl, green marble since 1934

Menegoni - Green marble extraction

Our company

Menegoni srl has been involved in extracting Valdostan green marble since 1934, and focuses their expertise on extracting and selling blocks of this precious stone. In collaboration with local craftsmen, the company also produces objects and furnishing accessories.

Quarry and stockyard

Menegoni srl extracts green marble from the company-owned quarries in the Aosta Valley. The marble blocks are then transported to the firm’s 25,000 m² stockyard in Verrayes equipped with a self-propelled crane, weigh bridge and gang saw to square the blocks.

Our history

The company was founded by Andrea Menegoni and is still in expansion, with sons Moreno and Stefano by his side. The company runs a stockyard and seven quarries in the Verrayes, Saint-Denis and Aymavilles areas of the Aosta Valley.

Menegoni srl and its history

Reconstruction of a block in the quarry with a helical row in Verrayes
Framing blocks with punchotti
Andrea Menegoni in quarry
Preparation of the fuses before flying with explosives
Preparation of the Saint-Barthélemy quarry

Some of Menegoni’s marble projects